Own foundry spread over 3 acres of land with current capacity of producing 6000/yr tons per year of Grey and Ductile iron castings.

  • The foundry is equipped with fully automated sand plant having ARPA300 DISA make, with 500 x 500 size mold boxes line, with DISA sand mixer with 20 tons /hr fresh sand capacity, and automatic punching out of castings, at the end of cooling cycle.
  • We have ARPA 300 molding line which has a total capacity of 300 boxes per day in 10 hour shift.
  • Installed a new line with ARPA 600 equivalent molding line for bigger castings, with a box size of 700X800 mm, to transfer items , previously done on hand molding.
  • We have already extending plant with an additional bay of 15000 sf. Area, to enhance fettling capacity, and to house a new 1.5 ton/hour shot blasting machine, and for other fettling and grinding activity.
  • A separate hand molding line to handle larger items with adequate handling facility is also being created now.
  • The melting is done on 550KW IGBT Inductotherm Induction furnace with capacity of 1 ton/hr melting. An addition of 500kg holding pot is installed now.
  • Core making facilities includes fully automatic SPAN, COLD BOX, shell core, No bake, CO2 core facility.
  • Adequate hand molding capacities to produce up to 150 kg, single pc weight.
  • Foundry has a full sand testing lab, fully automatic tensile testing equipment.
  • Fully equipped Microscope to analyze microstructure, connected to online computer, to produce comprehensive test certificates with Tensile, chemical and microstructure.
  • A fully integrated Spectrometer is being installed now, with capability to analyze, all Ferrous, SS. And Bronze grades .
  • Full capabilities to supply heat control analysis with CMTR certificates.
  • REC foundry is ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company implemented with international quality standards.

Quality Control At Foundry